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Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the FAQs below for any questions you may have. If you still have a question not listed here, you can contact Customer Support listed on the page.

Common Questions
A permit will now be required for access to all Lewis & Clark Timberlands’ Oregon properties.
A Permit grants the Permittee the right to recreate on Lewis & Clark Timberlands property within the defined Permit Area(s). The Permit Area is non-exclusive so there will be other permittees in the Permit Areas at any time.
Hunting, Fishing, Hiking, Bicycling, and Horseback Riding
The permit term will be annual, running June 1st thru May 31st of the following year. The permit term is set and does not change based on the time frame you acquire the permit. You can acquire the permit at any time during this time period.
Permit Holder & his/her “Family Companions”. Family companions are defined as one (1) legally married spouse or domestic partner and up to ten (10) related minor children.
Permits are not renewable, you will have to actively apply for a new permit each year.
No. Permits are not transferable, able to be gifted or to be sold.
The permit once approved will be printable directly from your online account. A paper copy will NOT be mailed to you. If you do not have access to a printer or computer, please visit a public access center, such as your local library or similar establishment.
Active operating areas will have restricted access. Periods of high fire danger may result in access restrictions across the entire tree farm.
Defined access times are one hour prior to sunrise to one hour after sunset. No night hunting or night recreation allowed.
Use or possession of alcohol or drugs is prohibited.
No camping is permitted in the Permit Area at any time.
No. Use of fire for any activity is NOT allowed.
Yes. Please refer to the dynamic maps available in your online account to view the gate points.
Non-Motorized access only with the exception of limited motorized access during general rifle deer and elk seasons.

Accessing areas that are clearly marked closed for reasons, such as fire danger, extreme conditions, road construction, etc...

No Fireworks.

No Alcohol/Drugs- use or possession.

No Littering or Garbage Dumping.

No Fires- campfires, cooking fires, warming fires, etc...

No Camping.

No Trapping.
In the event of a life-threatening emergency (i.e. wildfire, shooting incident, etc.), please call 9-1-1 immediately and then follow up with our permit support team by calling 980-288-5095 during business hours (8 AM – 5 PM ET).
Yes. Report a permit violator to the Orbis permit Support Team at 980-288-5095 during business hours (8 AM – 5 PM ET).
Dogs and other domestic pets are allowed in the permit as long as the Permittee has control at all times.

Customer Support

For permit questions or technical support, contact:

8809 Lenox Pointe Drive, Suite B
Charlotte, NC 28273

: (980) 288.5095

: [email protected]

: Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM ET